Jonathan Pelto is trying to find out who this Jared Polis is.

He took to Twitter to call me an “evil  woman” and compare me to the Koch brothers as someone doing great harm to public education.

It was puzzling to me.  I have met him twice. The last time I saw him was three years ago.

We know he is a member of Congress from Colorado, we know he sold his family’s greeting card company for $780 million, we know he calls himself a “progressive” and a “new” kind of Democrat.

But what does that mean?

According to Pelto’s research, Jared Polis is anti-union and anti-teacher, even though the Colorado Education Association endorsed him the first time he ran.

Why does he call me “evil”?

I know he founded some charter schools. I think he considers any critic of charters to be “evil.”

Strong words.

That must be it.