It is one of the curiosities of our age that certain far-right organizations and political leaders prattle on about the “achievement gap” as if they cared more than anyone in the world about the children and families who are not succeeding in schools and society. We often hear governors and legislators invoke their concern for “poor children trapped in failing schools” as their rationale for putting public money into private hands and decimating the public schools that most children attend.

Paul Thomas sees a method to their rhetorical compassion.

The achievement gap, he reminds us, is an equity gap.

They love the idea that charter schools and TFA can take the place of changing the tax structure. See here too.

Far-right politicians and wealthy ALEC-supporting corporations cynically invoke the “achievement gap” to blame the schools for social and economic inequality. They are happy to give to charter chains and Teach for America. Because that supposedly demonstrates their compassion and absolves them of any responsibility to do anything about the scandalous income inequality of our era.