In its ongoing effort to destroy neighborhood schools and communities, the NYC brought out a plan to centralize kindergarten admissions. This paren activist says it is time to fight back now:

“Last week, the DOE announced the roll-out of a new $800,000 kindergarten admissions process, known as Kindergarten Connect.

“Kindergarten Connect, like the centralized system currently used for high school admissions in the city, asks parents to submit a list of their school choices, ranked in order of preference. The DOE will then process this application and determine where the child will attend kindergarten. For most districts, this differs significantly from the current, school-based system in which parents who apply to multiple schools learn of acceptances or waitlists from each school individually. It is then up to the parents to decide where to enroll their children.

“Of course, there are many ways our admissions policies can be improved, but any policy that moves from press release to Panel for Education Policy vote in one week—and that affects thousands of families—deserves our close attention. This is especially true since the last time the DOE tried to centralize kindergarten admissions (in 2008) over a thousand parents, from all 5 boroughs, signed petitions to stop the policy from becoming a reality.

“Despite this, there has been no opportunity for public comment on Kindergarten Connect. So we at are taking things into our own hands and creating a place for the public to weigh in and ask questions about this policy.

Please visit this page to see what parents are saying about Kindergarten Connect, and to add your two cents by filling out the form on this page. Our hope is that these stories will find their way into the press and be heard by decision makers.

“Even if you are not quite sure what to think about this policy change, we ask that you consider writing the Panel for Education Policy today to request that they table a decision on Kindergarten Connect until there has been a public hearing and period for public comment.

“In May of 2014, parents will receive kindergarten admissions letters with only one school placement (a big change from years past). They will likely have very few options to move their child to another school. Please don’t wait until then to mobilize around this policy.


“The Team

Liz Rosenberg
Executive Director and Co-founder