A great article in Politico.com by Stephanie Simon acknowledges that the primary election in New York City was a rejection of Bloomberg’s education policies of the past decade. The rejection of corporate reform in New York City has national implications, as NYC was held up as one of the “stars” of the privatization movement. Similarly, the election of the insurgent slate in Bridgeport, Connecticut, showed that the public was reclaiming public education from the corporate reform crew running the state.

While the Network for Public Education did not take a position in the New York City mayoral primary, I personally endorsed Bill de Blasio and wrote articles on Huffington Post supporting his candidacy. De Blasio is the candidate who is likeliest to reject Bloomberg’s intense focus on testing, closing schools, and giving special preference to charter schools. De Blasio issued a press release making it clear that if he is elected mayor, he will place a moratorium on any new charters until there was a process for including the voice of the local community and parents.

The Network for Public Education endorsed the insurgent slate in Bridgeport, and we think we gave them an extra boost to carry them to victory over the machine slate.

Please join the Network for Public Education and help us as we help the candidates for office, especially for local school boards, who want to strengthen our public schools, not privatize them.