Last fall, educator Glenda Ritz trounced Indiana state superintendent Tiny Bennett, who outspent her 10-1.

Ritz collected more votes than newly elected Governor Mike Pence.

Ritz is a Democrat, meaning that Pence and the legislature want to nullify her election. Controlling the state board of education was not enough.

Pence announced today the creation of a new state agency–the Center for Education and Career Innovation–ansorbing some of the functions of the Department of Education and reducing Ritz’s authority.

This is disgraceful. Democracy is not war, where one side obliterates the other. Democracy requires a respect for the rule of law and the will of the people. When your side loses, you accept the loss and try to win next time.

Mike Pence, in his lust for power, has spit in the voters’ eye and showed his contempt for democracy.

For shame.