Whenever a school superintendent stands up and speaks the
unvarnished truth about what the federal government and the elites
are doing to hurt their students, it takes courage. When that
district superintendent is in a state where his views are unlikely
to be well received by the state education department, it requires
even more courage.

The superintendent of schools in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, Lloyd
is a hero of public education.
he joins our honor roll
today for courage and plain speaking. He writes: “I feel like
business/industry/philanthropist /politicians are trying to FIX us.
Not like a car, like a cat! “Friends, our public schools are like
the Statue of Liberty. We take the tired, hungry, poor, huddled
masses and we give them hope and opportunity. “I wish folks who
think they have to fix us would explain how so many of their
“reforms” will help teachers teach and children learn. I deal with
real teachers and kids. They are not numbers.”

Then he gives the
top ten reasons why the “fixing” is not working.

Here are two of them. Read the other eight: “No. 10: High stakes testing is out of
control. It stifles entrepreneurship, creativity, curiosity and the
American spirit. “No. 9: Most of us have not had enough time to
learn, tweak, embrace common core much less understand the high
stakes implications for students and teachers.” Is there a hero
superintendent like Lloyd Snow in your district?

*i mistakenly said Supt. Snow was in Tulsa. Readers in Oklahoma corrected me.