One of our loyal readers in Boston informs us that one candidate in the Boston mayoral race–Rob Consalvo– has appealed to his fellow candidates to refuse funding from out-of-state groups.

Fat chance.

Not only is Stand on Children (allegedly based in Oregon) throwing in between $500,000-750,000, but other groups including New York-based Democrats for Education Reform (the Wall Street hedge fund managers) have taken a keen interest in the race.

It would not be surprising to see Michelle Rhee’s StudentsFirst sending money to John Connolly–the choice of Stand on Children–and also to see the arrival of hundreds of thousands of dollars–maybe millions– from New York City Michael Bloomberg, Los Angeles billionaire Eli Broad, Netflix owner Reed Hastings, publishing magnate Rupert Murdoch, and the billionaire Walton family. These individuals have added big dough to school board races in Louisiana, Idaho, Georgia, and California.

Local school boards should be chosen by the people of the school district, not purchased by billionaires with a hunger for power and control, which they use to privatize public education.