Today the blog reached a new milestone: 6 million page views in not quite 16 months. I started the blog on April 24, 2012. Since then, I have published more than 5,000 posts and received more than 100,000 comments.

A word to readers about the rules of the blog:

Rule 1: Please do not use curse words. When you enter my blog, you enter my virtual living room. Curse somewhere else, not here. I try to read every comment–a few get by me–and when I see one with offensive and vulgar language, I delete it.

Rule 2: Please be civil in your comments with one another. I love the discussions among us, I encourage healthy debate and heated argument, but I ask you to be polite to one another. I seldom interfere to prevent anyone from saying whatever he or she wishes. I print comments that I don’t agree with. But I will step in and delete your comment if it is blatantly, egregiously offensive. It is my blog and that is my rule.

Rule 3: Do not insult your host. That’s me. It is not that I am super-sensitive, but I do not wish to be insulted in my own space. Disagree all you want. Tell me I am wrong. That is okay with me. But no insults. No digs about me or my children or my dog or my cat.

Thank you to the readers who send me links to articles, many of which become posts. Thank you to the readers who send thoughtful comments that I then turn into posts. If you sign your name, I will use it. If you do not sign your name on your comments, I will not use it.

One more thing: Thank you for your patience with my mistakes. I sometimes forget to add the link; readers tell me and I insert it as soon as I find out about it. I make spelling errors and grammatical errors–usually because of autocorrect, but also because of my haste to get the latest news out to you. I apologize for the errors and the haste, and I thank those of you who help me by pointing out my mistakes. I fix them as fast as I learn about them. I remind you that I have no staff. I write whatever appears under my name; I write my own tweets, I write my own speeches, I write my own blogs, I write my own books.

Thank you for reading the blog and helping it reach more people.