Three days ago, I posted about a new group formed to stop Common Core in New York.

I watched and saw vehement arguments among the comments, especially about the extent to which the group was bipartisan or nonpartisan.

The group is called Stop Common Core in New York State. Here is the link to the website: or It has a FB group page

A reader contacted me offline and said she watched part 1 of the group’s video and was disturbed to see the narrator refer to Linda Darling-Hammond as a radical progressive and a friend of Bill Ayers. I want to disassociate myself from these words, and I think the new group should as well. I don’t know whether she is a friend of Bill Ayers, and I don’t care. She is my friend, and I respect her and her scholarship.

Linda Darling-Hammond is one of the most respected education scholars in the nation. If the anti-Common Core group hopes to build a nonpartisan coalition, it should avoid insulting people like Linda and stick to the facts.