A reader from Milwaukee sent this comment:

“You would think there would be accountability, but here in Milwaukee we have had religious school choice and charter for a number of years.

“There is practically no accountability to the state DPI regarding certification of staff, assessments, curriculum, open records, etc. We are requiring them to seek some type of private school accreditation, but give them multiple chances to achieve it. The same with fiscal responsibility. The genie is truly out of the bottle in Wisconsin, and I fear there is no hope unless suburban and rural areas realize very soon that money is being siphoned from their schools to the detriment of their children’s education.

“Oh, I should add that as of July 1st, a tax deduction is now in place for all families that send their children to private schools. It can be as much as 10,000 dollars per child
for high school. This, of course, means less tax money for public schools.”