Here, Arthur Goldstein explains why Matt is a hero of public education, and why those who send their kids to tony elite schools while they close public schools are not.

The corporate reform PR machine has trained its big guns on him because he put his kids in a private school. First, they wreck public schools by turning them into testing factories, then they ridicule those who don’t like what they have done to the public schools. They say, yah, yah, yah, you have no credibility to support public schools. They send their own kids to private schools, but they say he should not because he supports public schools.

They are wrong, because everyone should support public schools, even if they send their children to private schools and EVEN IF THEY HAVE NO CHILDREN AT ALL. Public schools are a public responsibility, like public parks, public roads, public libraries, fire protection, and police protection. Even if you never call the police, you pay for them. Even if you never go to a public library, you should pay to support it. It is a community asset. Even if you never have a fire in your own house, you pay to provide fire protection for the community. Even if you don’t send your children to public schools, you should support them because they are a necessary institution in a democratic society.

Matt Damon is a true American hero because he supports the commonweal.

When he spoke to the SOS rally in 2011, Matt was harassed by a TV crew who insisted that he only works because he gets bonuses. He told them off, and this video went viral.

And for that reason, and because he is willing to stand up for all of those who are voiceless, I am adding him to the honor roll. He is not only a hero on the big screen, he is a hero to millions of parents and teachers who need him.