Julian Vasquez Heilig has been posting an illuminating series of posts that he calls “The Teat.”

Each of his posts follows the connection between advocacy groups and their funders. Some of these advocacy groups appear to do research, studies, and surveys, but they invariably reflect the priorities of those who supply the money.

In this post, Heilig inquires into the activities of the Black Alliance for Educational Options. This is an organization that advocates for school choice, whether charters or vouchers. The group is politically important because it provides cover for the conservative white men (and they are mostly men) who are pushing privatization.

Historically, disadvantaged minorities have benefited by the protection of the federal government and the courts. Privatization has not been good for those who are poor. Minorities understood that privatization was not their friend. The role of the BAEO is to demonstrate to conservative white politicians and a gullible liberal media that blacks are clamoring for charters and vouchers. With charters and vouchers, that troublesome issue of desegregation may be forgotten, no longer relevant to our day.

Who is funding BAEO? You will not be surprised to learn it is Walton and Gates.