Crazy Crawfish worked in the a Louisiana Department of Education. He has an aversion to lying. This is why he is angry, and this is why he is dangerous. He knows too much. And he knows how politicians and their mouthpieces twist the facts any way that serves them.

In this post, Crazy Crawfish (aka Jason France) describes a valiant effort by the poorest parish in the state to get out from under state control, which has been a disaster. He also describes the fancy dancing by the state to justify holding on.

While the national media love to sing the praises of Louisiana’s Recovery School District, France reminds us that the RSD is the lowest performing district in the state.

He writes: “The RSD was initially sold as a temporary fix, a band aid to be applied and removed. What it has become is the source of infection and a creator of festering sores. It’s no coincidence that RSD, after 7 years, is the lowest performing district in the state. (The state claims they are the second lowest performing district, but they also exclude the lowest 10-20% of their schools from their district average for the first 2 years after they get taken over by RSD which can be perpetuated if they simply change operators every two years.)”

And this is his warning:

“St Helena has fallen into RSDs grasp, and is trying to fight back, and we all need to do what we can to help them escape the state, the RSD.

“When you see these types of lies, this raging hypocrisy, do any of you feel safe in your higher performing districts? You shouldn’t.

“Reformers, charter operators, and RSD will be coming for all of your community schools soon enough.

“The state has control of the data, and the messaging. When they decide it’s time to make new inroads into new parishes for their corporate puppet masters, none of you, none of us and none of our children will be safe.”