Recently the American School Counselors Association held a conference in Philadelphia.

At one session, the NCAA representatives explained the requirements for young athletes to become eligible for scholarships.

A woman stood in line to ask a specific question.

The person who shared this story with me asked her what school or district she was from. She said I am at Martin Luther King Jr. High School right here in Philadelphia. The NCAA representative was shocked. He said, but didn’t Philadelphia lay off all its counselors?

She said, yes, it was true, she no longer had a job, but she wanted to make sure that “her kids” wouldn’t lose their hopes for a college scholarship and would not be hurt by the budget cuts.

The NCAA representative, who shared this story with me, wrote,

I was so in awe of her. There is no guarantee that ANY counselors will be hired back at that school, and certainly no guarantee for her even if they do hire any back. Yet there she was still fighting, still advocating. Urban school counselors do incredible work and are an often under appreciated heroes of public education.”