Jersey Jazzman reports in excruciating detail about Teach for America’s bold plan to expand in New Jersey, which seems to happen most often in states with rightwing governors and/or legislatures.

Their expansion is linked with a $150 million development in Newark that will build three new charter schools and provide low-rent housing for their teachers. One of the major backers is Goldman Sachs, whose chairman attended the groundbreaking.

The project is funded mainly by tax credits. JJ says, “$100 million in tax credits; not too shabby. If anyone tries to convince you that billionaires are interested in charter schools solely out of altruism, point them to this project.”

And more:

“There’s been plenty written about how TFA has become a political organization. But I suspect it’s also poised to become a power broker in the brave new world of 21st Century urban development. Cities used to have to put together marketing campaigns and development plans to start gentrifying neighborhoods. Now, they just have to give TFA a call, and the yuppies will come rolling in. And it’s all paid for with public monies. Everyone cool with that?”