Amy Prime is a second grade teacher in Iowa and a parent of five children. She knows how different each of her children are.

In this article, she wonders how the Common Core will work, and she draws an analogy with farmers growing corn.

Her analogy begins like this:

“It is easy to like the common core in theory. We want all of our kids to have the same skills when they graduate, right? But the problem with this idea is that our children don’t start out life the same, they don’t learn the same, and they aren’t meant to grow up to be identical either.

“We all start out as seeds but, when grown, some of us become fruits or vegetables, some trees, and some flowers.

“Imagine that there is a company that makes corn-based products. So they donate a lot of money to politicians and then convince them that our farmers are doing a poor job of growing corn. The politicians agree and then recruit a research company to decide what an ideal crop of corn would look like when grown. The people in this research company have never actually grown corn before, but they come up with criteria for what this corn should look like anyway.”