An earlier post described efforts by then-Governor Mitch Daniels to make sure that Howard Zinn’s leftist history of the United States was not taught in Indiana’s public schools.

But even more alarming is his attempt to shut down Professor Chuck Little of Indiana University, a vocal critic. Little had the audacity to defend public education, which Daniels did his best to privatize.

When government officials use their awesome power to harass and silence those who dare to challenge them, democracy is in trouble.

Keep your eyes on academic freedom at Purdue. That’s where a board appointed by Mitch Daniels selected Mitch Daniels as president, despite his lack of any any academic credentials.

A colleague at Indiana University writes:

“While I appreciate that the original AP story and others like this one focus on the former governor’s desire to censor Zinn’s text, the more disturbing aspect related to public education involves Daniels’ apparent intention to target Chuck Little and the Urban Schools Association through audits and funding cuts. The Association is a non-partisan group for metropolitan school districts that advocate for the interests of urban students and teachers. To target the group would be akin to silencing advocates for poor, often minority students who have been more deeply impacted by Indiana’s education reforms than their suburban or rural counterparts. In a state where school choice programs and groups like DFER and Stand for Children are making unprecedented headway, Dr. Little and the IUSA are often the only voice before the legislature for Indiana’s urban students and schools.”