This reader says that reformers almost never protest budget cuts.

Another word for reform these days is……….neglect.

“I think the “abandonment” idea is really powerful. As the parent of a public school kid in Ohio, I really do feel abandoned by both my state government and the federal government. Ordinary local public schools need not apply!

The crazy state and federal focus on the 5% of schools that conform to the rigid “reform” recipe is something we’re going to regret.

Besides Arne Duncan’s one statement on Philadelphia schools, a statement he made only after being pushed, has one single national “reformer” advocated for a restoration of pubic school funding?

We could use less “innovation” and more simple, competent stewardship of the schools that MOST children attend, existing schools, but I suppose “stewardship” isn’t nearly as exciting and media-friendly as “cage-busting.’

It’s neglect.”