When I heard the news last night that the jury in Florida found George Zimmerman innocent of any crime and that he was free to walk away, I felt literally ill.

As an American who respects the rule of law and the jury system, I felt disillusioned.

This verdict seemed to manifestly unfair that I found it hard to bear.

This burly guy Zimmerman is a neighborhood watch volunteer, under instructions to report what he sees, but not to get involved. Yet he followed an unarmed teenager. Zimmerman and the teen had an altercation. Zimmerman killed the boy.

There is no doubt that Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin.

There is no doubt that the guy with the gun shot the boy without one.

Zimmerman is a killer.

How does he walk away a free man?

I don’t get it.

I think it has to do with the ALEC “stand your ground” law that allowed Zimmerman to claim self-defense.

That’s wrong.

Justice was not done.