Jersey Jazzman notes that Governor Chris Christie is back with his favorite lines, ridiculing teachers for being overpaid and underworked.

That means, of course, that he is running for re-election and who better to kick around that the state’s teachers?

Here is Christie:

“[NJ Governor Chris] Christie said parents must stand up to organizations who he said care more about pensions, wage increases, generous benefits packages and summers off than about extending quality education to all students.”

And more: “The governor told a friendly Bergenfield crowd Tuesday that Garden State students are in need of more hours in the classroom and longer school years in order to stay competitive. Christie blamed special interests with blocking those changes for purely their own personal interests.

They don’t want a longer school year, they like having the summer off,” said Christie, referring to the adults – not the students – who he accuses of blocking the reforms.
Christie argued longer school days and years are needed to ensure students are educated.”
JJ points out that “Of course, teachers do not get “summers off”: summer is an unpaid, mandatory furlough for teachers, who only get ten-month contracts. Teachers either have to save their money throughout the year to make it through July and August, or they have to get seasonal work, which often pays considerably less than their regular salaries.

Jersey Jazzman is waiting patiently for some industrious reporter to ask the Governor whether he has funding to pay for longer school days and longer school years. Where is the research that shows the benefits of a longer school year? Why does Governor Christie send his own children that has a shorter school year?
Is he serious or does he just want to play the old, stale teacher-as-punching-bag game?
Inquiring minds want to know.