A billionaire family in Idaho has been running ads (“Don’t Fail, Idaho”) disparaging the schools as failures. The Albertson family wants to promote online learning, which will save money but provide worse education. A member of the family invests in K12.

A sad story from an Idaho teacher:

I live in Idaho. I have seen public education dollars drop so low, that we are seeing our largest district in the state, struggling to hold on, using up reserves they once had. The push of charter schools in this state is high.

Idaho has reduced it’s public funding to schools since 2001. The voters of Idaho approved a 1% sales tax increase back in 2006 that was earmarked for education, only for the state to remove other funds that were allocated towards education, to help support a decrease in business property tax. Education lost money in this deal. I know my kids’ school is considered a low performing school, there is high poverty, yet there are great teachers! And, my boys are getting a great education. Charters spread the states’ education dollars further, in an already poorly funded system.


My boys attend a school that has poor ratings, according to Idaho’s new 5 star rating system. I understand there is high poverty in their school, but there are also great teachers and great learning opportunities. I believe my boys are not only getting an academic education, but an education on how to develop relationships with people from all different backgrounds. This is huge, when being successful in a business/career. Everyone encounters different types of people. A mediocre boss, a great boss, a not so great one, and same with coworkers. It is true in any profession. But, in order to be successful in a company, there must be respect…something that seems to be lacking at times when it comes to teachers. In fact, that’s what got me involved. A parent, who saw the blaming of teachers as the problem with our schools, ludicrous! Something was not right, and boy, did I find out more than I could imagine in this web of destruction of our public schools.

Governor Otter even boasted to a gun company to come and bring their business to Idaho, because we have the most minimum wage workers in the country. Just who is failing Idaho, the people? I think not.


We had public hearings on education at the state house. There was going to be a public hearing with the Joint Finance and Approppriations Committee, but Governor Otter didn’t feel that was necessary, because we didn’t have a budget issue this year. Oddly enough, the biggest complaint at the education hearings was lack of funding, regardless if you were supporting “traditional” public schools or charters.


So do we have some high poverty schools? Yes, I guess you can say that. And running these ads of “Don’t Fail Idaho,” are hard to swallow when you know the real truth. Cause no, it is not my kids, nor will I let it be!