An earlier post reported on the Lisa Fleisher story about the complete lack of any accountability for top school officials in New York City. At the same time that the Department of Education was creating elaborate metrics to evaluate teachers, principals, and schools, no one at headquarters was evaluated. As Fleisher showed, there had been regular evaluations until Bloomberg became mayor. Then, nothing.

Jersey Jazzman takes the issue of accountability further to inquire who was held accountable by Chancellor Joel Klein when things went wrong. The answer: no one.

After reviewing a few of many fiascoes (he overlooked the Alvarez & Marsal contract for $15.8 million to rearrange bus schedules that left thousands of children stranded on the coldest day of the year), he concludes:

“The truth is that Joel Klein’s tenure as the Chancellor was rife with incompetence and unaccountability. He was happy to point the finger at teachers whenever possible, play the blame game with the union, and throw junior staffers under the bus when needed.

“But Klein never held his senior staff – or himself – accountable for anything. In many ways, he is the personification of the corporate reform movement: a movement that refuses to take responsibility for its own many failings.”