Blogger Arthur Goldstein lacerates the New York Daily News for its latest assault on teachers.

One teacher was accused of having attended meetings of an organization called NAMBLA (the North American Man-Boy Love Association). Was it true? Who knows? Did he do anything illegal? No investigation.

Goldstein, who recently received the coveted Skinny Award for excellence as a teacher-blogger, wrote:

“The Daily News, no longer content to have its editorial section lecture us on the perfidy of teachers, has now taken to the pages of its “reporting” to do so. In fact, to save time, they appear to be simply writing the same story every day. Teachers are a bunch of perverts, legal expert Campbell Brown says they are right, and that’s pretty much it.

And, of course, paragon of fairness Dennis Walcott says anyone charged with sexual misconduct ought to be terminated. If the puppet of the city’s richest man says you’re guilty, that ought to be good enough for anyone. Right, Daily News?”

(Campbell Brown used to work for CNN. She has written previously about her contempt for teachers unions. Her husband is on the board of Michelle Rhee’s NY-based StudentsFirst.)

I remember when I lived in DC in the early ’90s: a teacher was accused by half a dozen teenagers of inappropriate touching. The man’s name was dragged through the mud. The evidence seemed clear. So many students making the same complaint! But when the teens were interviewed individually by the police, each one recanted and said they agreed to make a false accusation because the teacher was a hard grader.

That is why, in American law, there is a presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

By the way, the publisher of the New York Daily News is Mort Zuckerman, a good friend of Mayor Bloomberg and a fellow billionaire. Zuckerman is also publisher of U.S. News & World Report, which released the Ed-school bashing report of the National Council on Teacher Quality.