A reader in Wisconsin is outraged. I can’t blame her. Should anyone with a degree be allowed to teach? Is professional education worthless? Scott Walker thinks so. So will others who read the NCTQ report, which graded teacher education with an F without bothering to visit any of the institutions it graded so harshly.

This parent writes:

Dear Diane,

My suggestion is far beyond my ability to assess; here’s my thought.

This report on the quality of teacher education is a smear against those, like my daughter, who have just completed their education. As an elementary and special ed teacher, she had to complete an entire year of student teaching, at great expense to her and her husband. It took her 5 years, total, to become a teacher. Now, in the pending Wisconsin state budget, Scott Walker is proposing alternate certification, where anyone with any bachelor’s degree can get certified to teach just by teaching. In essence, the experience gained using an emergency certification becomes the curriculum / criteria for certification itself. Therefore, teachers like my daughter, who have just completed their education will now be tainted by this study, when boards across the state decide that someone with “real world” experience would be preferable to candidates who dedicated themselves to this career from the beginning.

Is there no one who will address this outrage? We complain about the deep pockets of those who would destroy education. Maybe it’s time that those deep pockets became a legitimate target for a class action lawsuit.

Let the games begin!