Philadelphia has had a disastrous year of school closings, budget cuts, and a report recommending privatization of large numbers of public schools. Now, as parent activist Helen Gym reports, the situation is even more dire after massive layoffs. The state of Pennsylvania and the mayor of Philadelphia seem content to let private corporations take over public education  in the city. This is an ominous sign, not only for Pennsylvania, but for other urban districts. This is purposeful abandonment of a basic public function.
Gym writes:
For those watching Philadelphia’s tragic schools situation from afar, hope you might consider a few pieces from Parents United for Public Education.
Topping off a dreadful year that saw 24 school closings, and the stripping away of all educational supports from schools (guidance counselors, arts, music, sports, extracurriculuars, librarians, no books and supplies), last week the District laid off an unprecedented 3,783 staff members out of little more than 19,000 staff members, nearly 1 in 5 personnel.
Parents United’s response: This is not a school:
Last night Mayor Nutter appeared on “All In with Chris Hayes” about the Philadelphia budget. Not only did the Mayor, who heads up the controversial US Conference of Mayors, make a miserable case for Philadelphia schools, he made a feeble case for public ed and raised questions about whether public money should go to public schools. Read our response here:
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Helen Gym
Parents United for Public Education

Parents United for Public Education is an all-volunteer collective of public school parents working to put schools and classrooms first in budgets and budget priorities.