The irony of Philadelphia’s turn to privatization is that Philadelphia had the most extensive trial of privatization of any city in the nation about ten years ago. The district schools outperformed the privately managed schools, which lost their contracts. But that predated the charter movement, which is now hyped as having a secret formula to raise test scores at a lower cost.

This comment came from a retired teacher in Philadelphia.

He writes:

As a retired public school teacher, I have watched Mayor Nutter promote charters over public schools in the seven years he has been Mayor. He is current President of the U.S. conference of Mayors (Michelle Rhee’s husband, the Mayor of Sacramento is Second Vice President) where is has been promoting the corporate education reform agenda.

Last week he joined other Pennsylvania Mayors to demand that Governor Corbett restore the $1 billion he cut from education in his first year in office. Mayor Nutter held a separate press conference with charter operators to say that more money was needed to expand charters.

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