Governor Terry Branstad pushed through school reform in Iowa that is supposedly sweeping, but I fail to see the sweep in the bill.

It creates new leadership positions for teachers within schools, and that is supposed to be huge, but I am not sure why.

It does not mandate that teacher evaluations be tied to test scores, and that means the state dodged a bullet by doing the right thing. The state will study the issue, much to the disappointment of StudentsFirst.

I was sad to see that former Massachusetts Commissioner David Driscoll told Iowans that Massachusetts achieved high performance because of high-stakes exams.

He knows the improvement of Massachusetts’ public schools involved a huge new public investment, more than $1 billion, equalizing funding across the state; tough new exams for new teachers; a heavy investment in early childhood education; and strong curriculum standards (which have since been abandoned for the Common Core standards). To pick out only testing as the cause of the state’s improvement is misleading.

Homeschooling parents will be pleased to know that they will be allowed to teach driver education.