Tom Aswell, investigator journalist and blogger, is covering and uncovering evidence of fraud in the Louisiana Course Choice program.

Hundreds of students were somehow registered for online courses without the knowledge of the students or their parents. How did this happen? This would mean a massive transfer of funds from Louisiana taxpayers to online corporations based in Texas, connected to former Secretary of Education Rod Paige.

What a tangled web of connections.

Course Choice is part of Jindal’s privatization plan, along with vouchers. The Louisiana Supreme Court ruled recently 6-1 that Jindal may not use the funding dedicated to public schools to pay for vouchers and course choice. But John White is undeterred by inconveniences like court rulings.

New Yorkers will be interested to note that former NYC Deputy Chancellor Eric Nadelstern, who worked for Joel Klein and was John White’s boss, endorsed the online courses that are part of the scandal.