“Imagine that you are possessed of the surname “Walton” and happen to be sitting on mad coin—say a cool $90 billion. How do you celebrate the occasion that is Teacher Appreciation Day? Do you chip in to give the nation’s teachers a raise, knowing they’ve been hard hit by the recession? Do you send them gift cards to Walmart, the store that hath so enrichethed you? If you are a teacher in Massachusetts, the Waltons have an extra special treat in store for you: a fully-funded gala at the Statehouse urging the replacement of the state’s many non-excellent teachers with fresh new innovators who will share their excellence one renewable year at a time. Happy Teacher Appreciation Day, xoxo Walmart!”

EduShyster describes here the Walton family campaign to create new charter schools in Massachusetts.

The billionaire family is funding almost every part of the campaign in the state where Horace Mann created the nation’s first public schools.

I know this is supposed to be funny. It’s not. It makes me very sad.

There must be something that money can’t buy.