Bruce Baker of Rutgers is one of my favorite education analysts. He is adept at sorting through claims and demanding evidence.

In this post, he gives Jeanne Allen a civics lesson.

Jeanne Allen founded the Center for Education Reform twenty years ago to advocate for charters and vouchers, anything but public schools. She was formerly the education aide at the Heritage Foundation. The media often call her for quotes, thinking that the center is nonpartisan and independent.

Allen reacted with fury to the decision by the court in Louisiana to declare unconstitutional the funding of vouchers with dedicated public school monies. She thinks that Jindal should appeal the state court’s decision to the U. S. Supreme Court.

Bruce Baker explains that Jeanne Allen doesn’t understand basic principles of federalism and may not have read or understood the Supeme Court’s 2002 decision permitting Cleveland’s voucher program.

A post well worth reading.