Since Bobby Jindal and his loyal henchman John White started their war against Louisiana’s public schools and their teachers, the judicial system has proved to be the best line of defense for defenders of the public interest.

Jindal’s two major pieces of legislation were declared unconstitutional by the courts. One ruled that it was illegal to take money away from public school funding to pay for vouchers or private vendors (called “course choice”). Another declared the omnibus anti-teacher law unconstitutional on procedural grounds.

Thus far, the legislature appears less willing to bow to Jindal’s demands to renew his vendetta, maybe because his poll ratings have dropped into the 30s.

Here, Mercedes Schneider describes the multiple lawsuits filed against John White and the Louisiana Department of Education.

White simply won’t release the data that researchers use to analyze school performance (without student names) yet is more than willing to share confidential student data with inBloom, the Gates-Murdoch collaboration.

As usual, Schneider nails the key issues.