This is crazy, or is it?

We learned the other day that Texas Instruments is a big promoter of Algebra 2 as a graduation requirement in Texas. Why? Civic spirit, love of education, or the fact that TI supplies most of the graphing calculators needed for Algebra 2?

Now we learn from this report that a company selling cursive writing materials is a major proponent of a law requiring same in North Carolina.

Please do not misunderstand the issue here.

I believe that everyone should learn cursive writing, both to do it and to read it.

But I don’t believe that state legislatures should dictate how teachers teach or what methods are best.

I also am a firm believer in the value of knowing the multiplication table by heart, but I don’t think that lawmakers should mandate it.

I love memorizing poetry but that should not be subject to legislation either.

States like North Carolina should have high standards for teachers. They should have at least a year of study and practice before entering the classroom. They should pass tests in the subject they plan to teach. They should have support and mentors.

If they are truly professionals, let them teach.