Here is an article in the Tampa Tribune that is remarkably supportive of public education.

This writer, Steve Otto, understands that the Florida legislature is determined to dismantle public education in Florida.

At the same time, he notes that the school board in Hillsborough County (where Bill Gates dropped a hundred million or so to push teacher evaluation) is engaged in its own shenanigans. In this reported episode, a member of the board got up and publicly denounced a teacher who happened to be running for her seat. He was non-renewed, and she thought it was important to read his letter of non-renewal into the record in the midst of a discussion of protecting the privacy of teachers.

Shenanigans aside, imagine an article that begins with a recognition that our nation’s investment in a strong public school system helped to grow our middle class. And a recognition that the parent trigger is a cruel hoax against parents that will help grow corporate profits.