Kudos to Nancy Flanagan, for reporting on the mess at the Jalen Rose Academy charter school.

Why do sports celebrities think they are qualified to run a school?

At the Jalen Rose school, 100% of the teachers quit at the end of the first year.

Nancy asks an obvious question:

“Here’s my question: What would parents think if all the teachers in a traditional public school quit? If their children had no sinks in the science rooms, but flew to Las Vegas to meet a basketball team? Or if students couldn’t access necessary instructional materials because their laptops didn’t work?

“When the Academy (which gets the same per-pupil state funding as all public schools in Detroit) ran out of money in May, they held a private party to make up the shortfall. And in spite of what looks like a poorly managed train wreck of an inaugural year, the article [to which she links in her post] is full of upbeat adults praising Rose’s vision for education.”

Is there some special Kool-Aid that inoculates people from seeing what is happening when a charter school is involved?