Parents in New Orleans are likely to learn that their child is enrolled in an F school. Under federal law, they have a right to transfer to a higher-performing school.

But here is New Orleans’ dirty little secret: Most of he choices available to parents are also F rated schools.

This stunning article takes you inside the story that has been mythologized in the national media.

Consider this:

“More than seven years into the New Orleans choice experiment, documents and interviews reveal the schools are so academically anemic that the RSD fell short in its attempts to comply with federal policy requiring school districts to offer higher quality alternatives to students in failing schools.

“If every student in a failing school wanted to transfer,” said Gabriela Fighetti, RSD’s executive director of enrollment, “we would not be able to guarantee them a slot.”

“Dozens of public records reviewed by The Lens show RSD officials last summer grossly underestimated the number of failing schools it oversees. One week, City Park Academy was offered as a destination for countless students eligible for transfer through the federal choice program. The next, it was identified as a failing school required to offer alternatives to its own students.”

Meanwhile, many states and districts plan to copy New Orleans, which has been overhyped to the media.