Governor Bobby Jindal is one our most notable reformers.

He wants to reform Louisiana’s tax code by abolishing income taxes and corporate taxes and replace them with an increase in the sales tax. This will shift the burden of taxation to poor and middle-income people. How clever to shelter the income of the rich.

But wait, there is more.

Jindal and his faithful liege John White want standards, accountability, and letter grades for pre-kindergarten. That way, every child will start school ready to learn. Watch those test scores soar!

So put it all together and what do you get? Higher taxes for poor people and the state’s threat to close down their kids’ preschools if the kids don’t perform.

Maybe Jindal should repeal the child labor laws and let the little tykes get a job after their nursery school is shut down by the state.

And if the parents can’t afford to buy food, there is always Jonathan Swift’s”Modest Proposal.” Google it.