State legislatures make decisions about funding formulas, so that is where lobbyists spend their time and energy.

In Florida, the legislature is very charter-friendly when it comes to money for operations, facilities, and capital sending.

When you read this article, you will see why.

Here’s a pithy quote:

“A growing number of lawmakers have personal ties to charter schools. Sen. John Legg, who chairs the Senate Education Committee, is co-founder and business administrator of Dayspring Academy in Port Richey. Anne Corcoran, wife of future House Speaker Richard Corcoran, plans to open a classics-themed charter school in Pasco County. House Budget Chairman Seth McKeel is on the board of the McKeel Academy Schools in Polk County.

“In addition, the brother-in-law of House Education Appropriations Chairman Erik Fresen runs the state’s largest charter management firm, Academica Corp. And Sen. Anitere Flores, also of Miami, is the president of an Academica-managed charter college in Doral.

Frank Biden, brother of Vice President Joe Biden, runs a for-profit charter chain in Florida called Mavericks.