Few charter schools have received as much attention and accolades as the American Indian Model Schools of Oakland, California.

Politicians and pundits flocked to the school to sing its praises and to heap honor and recognition on Ben Chavis, its leader. Chavis flaunted his “no excuses” style and his disdain for liberal softies. His schools had some of the highest scores in the state so it was hard to argue with success.

As the media took turns lionizing Chavis, they failed to notice that he had managed to lose the American Indians and to tilt the enrollment heavily towards Asians.

But Chavis encountered another problem last year when an audit revealed that some $3.8 million or so of the schools’ funds had ended up in businesses controlled by him or his wife. That was a problem.

Last week, the Oakland school board revoked the charter, but only by a vote of 4-3. Three members of the board were willing to overlook the financial issues because of the schools’ high scores.

Chavis may be gone but he is not forgotten. Even as the charter was revoked, conservative pundit John Stossel was still holding up Chavis as a model educator. Stossel is a union hater. I wish he would explain why so many of the union hating states are at the bottom of the national tests.