To regular readers of this blog, the story is not new.

Teach for America is one of the richest nonprofit organizations in the United States, yet it passes the begging bowl as if it desperately needs cash.

TFA is a brand, a money machine. Its tax reports got out on the Internet, and now everyone who wants to know knows that TFA collected nearly a billion dollars in a five-year period. And that Wendy Kopp, its CEO, pays herself about $400,000 a year. And that other staff members are handsomely paid.

Now this Louisiana blogger wants to know why TFA is pleading for $5 million from poor Louisiana and $6 million from Mississippi.

Why do they put a price on the head of every poorly trained recruit? Do they feel bad about sending in these young kids to replace veteran educators who live in the community? Do they worry about persuading policymakers that teaching is a job for temps, not a profession?