Krazy TA asks a relevant question: Do reformers put their own children in no-excuses schools?

He writes:

The charterites/privatizers have toned it down a bit, but remember the electrifying mantra “we want to give poor kids the same education that rich kids get”? [chant in alternating patterns with “poverty is not destiny.”]

All right then. Go to the websites of the Waldorf School of the Peninsula, Cranbrook, Harpeth Hall, Chicago Lab Schools, Sidwell Friends. If you don’t like my choices pick similar ones that suit your individual tastes. Read what they offer—I am not speaking rhetorically; I really mean go through all their offerings.

Yes, [sigh] these schools do serve some students whose SES status is not Rocketing out of the Earth’s atmosphere. But these are the kinds of schools that the children of the wealthy, well-connected, well-educated and powerful attend. These sorts of schools don’t just exist in someone’s online piece about what he would do if he were Secretary of Education.

No need for the rheephormy crowd to “make it up as they go along” like Rocketshipsters claim is necessary. They’ve got highly successful proven models right in front of them.

Charterites/privatizers: actions speak louder than words. I invoke what seems to be your highest moral imperative: put your money where your mouth is.

Oh, and I almost forgot: put your own children in your charters, not in the Waldorfs or the Cranbrooks or any of the rest. If it’s good enough for the children of others it’s good enough for yours.

Not too much to ask, is it?