In this perceptive essay, California teacher David B. Cohen has some interesting observations about Mayor Villaraigosa and Superintendent John Deasey.

The mayor has no regrets about asking billionaires Michael Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch to pour vast sums of money into the school board race. He says that “we” (himself and the billionaires) have to stop letting them (the people who teach in the public schools of Los Angeles) from having so much influence.

“We”–meaning the mayor and a handful of super-rich people who poured $4-5 million into a local school board race. “We” –meaning people who do not live in Los Angeles. “We”–meaning people who do not have children in the public schools of Los Angeles. “We”–meaning corporate elites that control vast amounts of wealth and know nothing about educating anyone else’s children.

“They”–meaning the people who work in the system, teach the children, dry their tears, teach them to tie their shoelaces, see them every single day.

And John Deasey says he is delighted that people like Bloomberg, Murdoch, and Klein are prepared to “invest” in the public schools of Los Angeles. Maybe I am dense, but I have trouble seeing a political contribution to three candidates in a school board race as an “investment” in the schools. If they really want to “invest” in the schools, why doesn’t Dr. Deasey invite them to buy school supplies, build health clinics, reduce class sizes, or do something that benefits children, real students?