Every regular reader of this blog knows the answer or answers to the question that is the title of this post?

Standardized testing is being misused.

It is designed to measure how a student can read or do math in comparison with others in the same grade or age.

It is not designed to measure teacher or school quality.

It is not designed to trigger school closings.

It should not be used to stigmatize or brand students. It is a diagnostic tool.

This article by Teresa Watanabe in the Los Angeles Times ties together the growing demonstrations of resistance to the misuse of testing. It ties the Los Angeles school board election to the anti-testing movement.

The tests produce the data that are used to punish students, teachers, principals, and schools. The tests and the data they produce are the lifeblood of the privatization movement.

The privatization movement can’t do any better than public schools on their sacred testing measures. They are willing to take the chance (nay, certainty) of recreating a dual school system. But the privatizers know that once they destroy public education, it will take decades to put it back together again, if ever.