Democrats were in a state of fury in Alabama as the legislature swiftly passed a bill to give tax credits to corporations and individuals so that students in “failing schools” can attend private schools with public money.

“Republicans heralded it as a historic day for education and life-altering for children stuck in poorly performing schools. But tempers boiled over as Democrats called the maneuver “sleaziness” and a “bait and switch.””

On the other side of the aisle:

Rep. Mary Moore, D-Birmingham, as she was leaving the House chamber threw her hands over her head and shouted, “Welcome to the new confederacy where a bunch of white men are now going to take over black schools.”

Michelle Rhee’s StudentsFirst of Alabama–preserving its reputation as a reliable ally of the most rightwing Republicans across the South– wasted no time in hailing the legislation:

As Alabama moves toward providing districts with increased flexibility and parents with more school choice, we hope policymakers implement strong performance standards to ensure that schools are being held accountable for student success.