David Coleman, widely acknowledged as the “architect” of the Common Core standards, was selected last year as CEO of the College Board. He announced recently that the SAT will be redesigned to reflect the Common Core.

Get to know David Coleman.

He is now the de facto controller of American education. He decided what your child in kindergarten should know and do. He decided what children in every grade should know and do. He has decided how they should be tested. Now he will decide what students need to know if they want to go to college. He had some help. But make no mistake: he is the driving force that is changing what and how your children and your students learn.

Coleman, whose mother is president of Bennington College, graduated from Yale and Oxford, where he was a Rhodes scholar. He then worked for McKinsey.

He created the Grow Network, an assessment program that he sold to McGraw-Hill in 2005, reportedly for $14 million.

He left McGraw-Hill in 2007 and founded Student Achievement Partners, funded by the Gates Foundation and others, which led the writing of the Common Core standards.

He was chosen to lead the College Board in 2012. The NewSchools Venture Fund, a leading corporate reform group that supports the expansion of charter schools, named Coleman as one of its “Change Agents of the Year” in 2012.

He was a founding board member and treasurer of Michelle Rhee’s StudentsFirst, along with Jason Zimba, who led the writing of the Common Core math standards. The only other member of Rhee’s board was also a member of Coleman’s staff.

In the history of American education, there has never been anyone like David Coleman. He has fashioned the nation’s standards and curriculum. Others have tried and failed. Will his vision change the schools for the better? We will know more later.