Corporate reformers are taking no chances.

They have raised more than $3 million to make sure that they control the Los Angeles school board.

The school board president Monica Garcia will have $1 million, more or less, to fight off education activist Robert Skeels, who has raised $20,000, more or less.

Inexperienced Kate Anderson, the corporate favorite, will have $1 million, more or less, to battle incumbent Steve Zimmer, an experienced teacher. Zimmer will be outspent many times over.

The money continues to pour in from out of state donors, zeal Street, equity investors, and others who think it would be fun to buy a school board of a major city.

Meanwhile, back in New York City, Mayor Bloomberg has announced the closing of another 26 years. This, after 11 years of mayoral control with no dissent permitted. The closing schools are, as usual, disproportionately black, Hispanic, poor, and enrolling large numbers of students with disabilities. Too bad he can’t run for a fourth and fifth and sixth term so he can finish the job of reforming the city’s schools.

Mayor Bloomberg wants Los Angeles to follow his lead. He has contributed $1 million to the corporate campaign fund.