Jason Stanford is an Austin-based writer who has come to understand the sham of the Texas accountability system.

He knows that there is an old tradition in Texas called “brags.”

Back in 2000, a candidate for the presidency named George W. Bush bragged about the “Texas miracle.”

He said that testing every child every year from grades 3-8 would bring about amazing progress.

He said that in Texas, they did this and the dropout rate fell, the graduation rate rose, test scores went up, and the ahievement gap was closing.

Stanford shows that it was pure baloney.

There was no Texas miracle.

People in Texas know this.

School boards know it. Parents know it. Teachers know it.

But Governor Rick Perry doggedly sticks with the miracle tale.

Parents across America are outraged. So are school boards and educators.

It’s time to get organized and stop the farce.

Time’s up.