When I was in Austin last September to speak to the Texas Association of School Administrators and the Texas School Boards Association, I scheduled a visit to Eastside Memorial High School.

There I spoke to a rally of hundreds of parents, students, and teachers who were determined to save their school, which had recently been handed over to a charter chain.

After I left, there was an election, and the new school board decided to sever the connection with IDEA.

Now state and local officials are deciding what to do with Eastside.

District officials say they may close the school if they can’t find another charter to run it.

This is unbelievable.

The district doesn’t know how to run its own schools? How about some accountability at the top?

I saw a school with dedicated parents, students, teachers, and community members, eager to work together for their community public high school.

Why doesn’t AISD take responsibility for this school which is filled with so much promise and goodwill?

Why do they need to find a charter operator?

By the way, on the federal NAEP tests, Austin is one of the highest scoring urban districts in the nation.