A reader wrote to ask for advice. The situation she describes is outrageous. Does anyone know of a group that can help her fight this and protect her child?

I am a special education teacher and mother of a 3rd grader with Autism. I am trying to excercise my parental right to opt my son out of high stakes testing in New York State. These tests are detrimental to all children, but even more so for children like my son who will not be able to read the exam or understand why he is being asked to do something that he cannot hope to be successful with.

Imagine his confusion and frustration. Presenting a child with a test that is not developmentally appropriate and is inaccessible due to his or her disability is not only educational unsound, but morally as well.

I have been told that my son will be tested against my will if he walks through the door on any day within the testing window. The only way to opt him out is to keep him home for 12 days.

This violates his right to a free and appropriate education and is tantamount to educational blackmail. I have contacted our state and local representatives, the ACLU and The Autism Society.

Can you recommend any other advocacy groups that might be able to help us or offer any words of advice?