Despite the fact that a Louisiana judge struck down the funding for the state’s voucher program, State Superintendent John White expressed confidence that the state would find a way to pay for it and that the numbers who leave public schools for religious schools with public funding will increase.

Although nearly half a million students were eligible this current year, only about 5,000 currently are using a voucher to attend a nonpublic school.

White did not address whether the state will continue to fund schools that do not teach accurate or modern science, mathematics or history.

Nor did he mention whether teachers in voucher schools will need to be certified, as they are not now.

John White is one of the national leaders that Teach for America produced.

He is determined to leave a legacy in Louisiana of vouchers, charters, and an impoverished public school system.

Some legacy.

Maybe his next job might be at ALEC or the Walton Foundation.