Matt Di Carlo of the Shanker Institute here dissects the claims of Jeb Bush about the success of the state letter grade system.

As he shows, the number of A-rated schools went up because the state changed the rules of the game.

You can always get more points on the basketball court if you drop the basket a foot or two.

You can get more home runs if you bring the fences closer.

Are people foolish enough to believe the boast that Florida is now a model for the nation?

I happen to think that letter grades for schools are a ridiculous idea. Schools are complex institutions that do some things well and some things not as well. One can come up with a rating system that is far more sophisticated than a grade of A-F.

No one would dream of sending a child home with a report card with only one letter on it. Why in the world would anyone label a school with a single letter?

This is the rankest sort of political interference in the functioning of education.

No state or district should use letter grades to reward or humiliate schools.

This is politics, not accountability.

And it has nothing to do with improving education.

When the National Association of Independent Schools starts handing out letter grades to its members, let me know.